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Digital Tv 2050 Activation 30

technology can also support the development of a youth civic culture in a digital world. using a web-based platform called web factor, for example, the next generation online citizenship is a unicef initiative that explores how digital technology can help foster more participatory and informed forms of citizenship. by bringing together youth-led groups from around the world, web factor also enables young people to create new platforms that can transform their communities, addressing unmet needs like adequate water and sanitation, reliable access to electricity and information, and the right to live in safe and healthy environments.

Digital Tv 2050 Activation 30

smartphones, and the data they make available, are one of the most powerful technologies that we have ever known. it is possible to use them to provide affordable quality education for all, especially for children, providing they are equipped with the right tools and skills. for example, in india, unicef has developed puls , the first mobile educational platform designed for adolescent girls and boys. puls has been designed to help users learn high school-level maths, in order to empower young girls to make better choices for their future.

last but not least, another area that holds promise is the global push to digital inclusion. too many children across the globe are still not using the technology that is at their fingertips. some of the key barriers are affordability, access and the skills needed to navigate the apps and services available.

here at unicef, digital inclusion is a major focus of our work across all of our programmes. we see the power of new technology to help many children, especially girls, achieve their full potential. we are working with governments, development partners, community groups and other un agencies to develop a shared vision of digital inclusion which enables all children, regardless of gender, location, income level or education to access the information and services they need to be healthy, educated and active.


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