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: Five years ago today, this site debuted to an audience of one, its editor. By word of mouth and newsgroup posts, collectSPACE grew in size and scope its first year, from an article lamenting the retirement of Hallmark's series of space ornaments to assisting in the recovery of a stolen piece of Challenger wreckage posted to eBay. Today, 35 years after Apollo 11 touched down on the Moon, cS is one of only a few websites documenting how space history is appreciated, from the personal space memorabilia collections of its readers to the current whereabouts of the artifacts and astronauts celebrated by collectors worldwide. From only a handful of readers in 1999, cS now reaches thousands daily. The change over the past five years has been a series of small steps; reaching you, the reader, is our giant leap. Thank you for helping create our own history.

1920x1080 One Piece Crew New World Desktop Wall...

: In 1979, ten years after the first moon rocks were returned by Apollo 11 astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin, Johnson Space Center in Texas dedicated the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility as its primary repository for NASA's material from other worlds. Twenty-five years later, the facility remains home to 80% of the 872 pounds of lunar material returned by six crews. 041b061a72


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