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Sizzla Da Real Thing 2002 |VERIFIED|

The year 2022 marks three significant album anniversaries for Reggae singjay Sizzla Kalonji.Born Miguel Collins in 1976, Sizzla's recording career began in 1994, 2022 is the 20th anniversary of 'Bobby Digital' Dixon's Da Real Thing, released October 16, 2002, and the respective 25th anniversaries of Bobby Digital's Black Woman & Child and Fatis "Xterminator" Burrell's Praise Ye Jah.To commemorate these anniversaries, VP Records has relaunched The Bobby Digital Story on its YouTube channel. Sizzla's Rise To The Occasion concert from Reggae Month 2022, can also be viewed on VP Records' YouTube channel.For most fans of the artist, these three albums represent major peaks in his prolific career, resulting in core catalog tracks including "Just One Of Those Days (Dry Cry)," "Solid As A Rock," "Thank U Mama," "Guide Over Us," "Give Them The Ride," "Praise Ye Jah," and "Dem A Wonder."As Firehouse Crew bassist Donald Dennis (Danny Bassie) summed it up in the documentary, The Bobby Digital Story, "When Praise Ye Jah came out, that was the beginning of Sizzla. When Black Woman & Child came out, that put him in a different air, a notch up. What really dun me, the whole thing now, Da Real Thing cover it off [and] show the whole world he is the greatest."

Sizzla Da Real Thing 2002


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