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in addition to not adhering to the principles of separation of concerns, i also find it disturbing that the author of this article was unprepared to explain what the different exceptions to this rule were, and what they were supposed to be doing. this makes me wonder whether the author has ever actually written an opinionated article with an opinion before. in my experience, most people who write opinionated articles rarely have an opinion they actually believe in, but rather an opinion that they feel is socially acceptable. if they have a genuine opinion, they express it in their articles.

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the impressive ability of the human eye to perceive motion in human movement and motion has been explored in several ways, from the use of simple motion lines to the use of computer vision. these techniques can be applied to a wide variety of applications ranging from video games and video surveillance to automotive and robotic vision. in this paper, we provide a survey of these techniques and review their applications to virtual cinematography.

if the user chooses to use the choice of program supplied by the company, for example, instead of using a specific 3d animation program like maya or cinema 4d, the user may be told to use a default 3d animation program which is provided by the vendor. this may be due to the fact that the vendor wants the user to be able to perform basic tasks with the program and use it for 3d animation.

in any case, the user may not be able to use the 3d animation program with the same ease as the user of a program that is designed for this type of task. if the user does not have experience with the animation program and is unfamiliar with it, they may have a very difficult time to learn how to use it, especially if they are unfamiliar with the type of 3d animation they want to create.


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