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[S5E8] Celebration [2021]

The Molly's plot is also one example of the dual nature of this episode. By being not only episode 100 but also the fall finale it has to serve two masters: celebrating 100 and also wrapping up the first part of Season 5. The celebration is a great moment in the big picture, but it moves us past the bar story, too.

[S5E8] Celebration

It's obvious in just the performances that come out of the actors, like they found just that little extra notch to take it up to. This really feels like a celebration of Chicago Fire, as well as a strong way to pause Season 5. It's a template for what all hundredth episodes should be.

From a storytelling standpoint, the contrast between the wedding and the horrific events that transpired made the episode so much more intense and memorable. It added a lot of depth to the episode and made it stand out. The idea that something so gruesome can occur during such a pure celebration is so HTGAWM, and so genius. I also loved the lighting of the episode, with the warm soft golden lighting of the wedding harshly clashing with the green-tinted, dark and intense lighting of any scenes outside. All the intense, confrontational, and murderous moments occurred outside, so the lighting created a wonderful mood. The wedding was made to feel like a safe bubble, so anytime anyone went outside I panicked because they immediately became a potential victim. 041b061a72


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